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Story First: Everything else second

Plur FIlms ad.jpg

When it comes to branded content, the general idea is that in order for a commercial to be effective, the product has to be shown within the first few seconds. Most people think this way because over countless years we have been fed ad's like this. They believe that if you haven’t blatantly connected the consumer to whatever product you are trying to advertise within the first few seconds that you have failed to achieve your goal.

If that feels extreme, you’re not alone. People who look at ad's from a scientific perspective aren’t necessarily wrong, but I don't believe they are looking at marketing and advertising as a platform for great storytelling. As creating content becomes a bigger part of brand identity, I've noticed that ads that focus on story tend to be the most impactful and memorable. Like most great films they pull in consumers with vivid imagery, compelling characters, and a story that hooks them from the very first frame.

As an added benefit they are also the ones that seem to win the most awards like the Addy's or Telly awards (Plur Films 2015 Addy Award Winner - Brinin' Buns Back - Balance Pan-Asian Grille Spot).

I am compiled 3 great ads that focus on great story and draw in viewers with beautiful visuals.

Audi: Rainmaker


Nike: Find Your Greatness